All schools have a responsibility to meet the needs of every learner and here, at Northern Saints, we are proud of how well we achieve this.  From time to time, however, some children may need a little extra help to meet their full potential.  If children need some extra support, then we describe this as having ‘additional/special educational needs’ or SEN.  This means that the usual methods of teaching may need changing, or adding to, to help support these children.  We may also invite other professionals in to offer support, in the hope that, over time, the child is able to ‘get back on track’.

Northern Saints also hosts a Language Provision.  This is an Additionally Resourced Centre (ARC) for children across Sunderland with developmental language delay. The Local Authority decides who needs this specialist placement.  Hosting the Language Provision means we have teachers with a very unique set of skills and knowledge that is passed on to other staff within school.




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