Consultation Update

Written by Linzi Tomlin

Oct 18, 2022

The consultation process concluded in the summer term and we have considered responses from all stakeholders including parents, staff, unions and members of the community. We held consultation meetings on 8 June 2022 and senior leaders, governors and representatives from the DNDLT were in attendance to answer questions and discuss the process with interested parties.

Responses were generally very positive to the consultation and we would like to thank you for your engagement in the consultation process. Following the conclusion of this process, and in light of responses received, governors decided to proceed to the next stage and move towards conversion to academy status joining the Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Learning Trust. Governors have also considered and agreed that the school’s name will change to Northern Saints CE Academy at the point of conversion. There will be no change to school uniform so there will be no additional expense for families. Only new items purchased in the future will have academy on the badge rather than school.

We are also pleased to confirm that the Regional School’s Commissioner’s office have now granted us permission, in the form of an ‘academy order’, to proceed to the next stage and so we will receive funding to enable us to carry out the necessary legal steps towards conversion. The change to become part of the DNDLT will hopefully take place from 1 January 2023 although this will depend on various legal steps being concluded within that time.

Thank you again for your engagement in this process.

Yours sincerely

Mr J A Jones


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